what we offer

On an analog and a digital level, we ensure smooth process flows and make agile methods accessible to all. 

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Fluxdock enables interdisciplinary innovation projects through a fully comprehensive project management and project controlling platform. In practice, services established in collaborative projects are integrated into our streamlined project workspace. This optimised cockpit contains essential tools and information about the team and enables user-friendly collaborations on cross-company projects. 

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Our collaboration tools integrate widespread technology into existing workflows: we use Slack for communication, Google Drive for documentation and Trello for project organisation. All these tools are integrated into our workspace which offers time tracking for all team members as well as iterative documentation. Setting up all the tools is part of the service Fluxdock offers.

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Publishing a proposal on our platform is as easy as turning it into a collaborative workspace: as soon as your team has been defined, it's just a click of button. After we set up your workspace you can collaborate in an agile way. Documentation of your project ensures an easy-to-use work environment for cross-company collaboration: user-friendly, reliable and cost-effective. 

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