how it works

The administrative hurdles for collaborations between established companies often are worryingly high - this is where Fluxdock steps in. We provide the platform, the tools and the methods to help companies explore their innovative potential.

With agile working methods, optimized tools, our streamlined workspaces and transdisciplinary expertise we enable companies from all backgrounds to profit from the innovation-driven approach of cross-company collaboration.

Our methods not only help maximise creative output - they also minimize financial risks: at Fluxdock there is no chance of following the wrong path until the budget is spent.

We work iteratively - decisions are taken quickly, reviewed regularly and accordingly adapted or discarded easily if they turn out to be faulty. Agile working principles and Scrum provide the framework that supports these routines of constant invention, reflection, adaptation and improvement.

Flexibility, accessability and sustainability form the basis of our innovation services.