Reference: S.O.M.A.

Between February 15th and April 15th 2017, this application has been developed on the Fluxdock platform, The initial goal of the project was to develop an app that is affordable for smaller museums with which they can manage their contents themselves and combine them with easy-to-use teaching and learning modules for visitors.

The project goal could be achieved and the concept of the Swiss Open Museum App could be worked out, whereby the basis of the prototyping was successfully laid.

The team consisted of a total of six companies with Fluxdock as project owner. For the communication within the team Slack was rated by the members as a very good tool, in combination with regular personal meetings. The Google Drive and Trello tools were also used to communicate and present the goals and content of the project. To reduce the difficulty of finding a date Doodle was used.

Fluxdock acted primarily as catalyst and coordinator in this project. It brought together experts who would otherwise not have come together in this constellation. Through Fluxdock matching expertises were brought together. Organizational start-up assistance was provided, Fluxdock also took responsibility for the coordination of the project, the available spaces and the organization of contacts.

The feedback from the team members was positive: Fluxdock's role was found to be helpful. Fluxdock as a place and enabler platform worked well in this case.

We are happy this worked out so well and wish SOMA and its team all the best for the future.
Product Development, Database Administration, Software Development, Agile Development