Reference: GE.RA.L.D.

With GERALD, a radically simple random generator was developed from November 21, 2017 to January 10, 2018, which generates mini-tours through museums at the push of a button, making expert knowledge and background information about exhibits accessible to everyone in a low-threshold manner. With the aid of a CMS, both the images for the search run and the dedicated descriptions of individual works are generated and the data is then automatically transferred to GERALD via USB stick.

The finished prototype was successfully tested and presented to the client museomix. Apart from this, a total of six other companies were involved in the project.

The collaboration with Fluxdock and the team was felt to be very productive and balanced. Above all, the various expertise that the team members contributed to the project was a great advantage.

Also in this project were the tools Slack, Trello, Doodle and Google Drive application. Slack was used as the project platform above which content and documents were exchanged. Google Drive was mainly used for the subsequent project documentation.
Scenography, Software Development, Interaction Design, Content Development, Communication