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Individual companies often lack the resources to promote and exploit untapped potentials and knowledge of their employees. How can these relevant inputs be made available? How do you inspire your employees and generate motivation for further learning and the transfer of knowledge?

With SPARK, the learning organization initiated by Fluxdock, we install a place for a cross-company learning culture at Dreispitz.

The Kick-Off Event on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, from noon to 2 pm, will address "Design Thinking - About the use of agile co-creation processes" and will be moderated by the co-founder of Studio Banana, Key Kawamura.

There will be lessons over lunch lasting 1-2 hours and in-depth workshops that last 1-2 days. A program group composed of emissaries from all participating companies jointly defines the content of the events. 

There are different participation options for interested companies. If you are interested to become involved in SPARK and for further information, contact who oversees the SPARK project.


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