HELGA was here

(and it was awesome)

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"Unfortunately we didn't come up with this" could be the translated title of this year's Swiss Meeting for Scenography and Spatial Communication. Consequently, one of the events that took place in the rooms of the HGK and the Fluxdock on May 25, 2018, was about exhibition organizers who praised the work of their colleagues.Motto: "Toll, aber leider nicht von uns", of course.

In addition to this unusual praise of potential competitors, in which Otto Steiner and Valentin Spiess participated, there were lectures given by Andreas Rudigier, Anke Schwarzwälder and Daniel Tyradellis on "quality and quantity in exhibitions". The focus of this year's edition of HELGA was on the measurability of quality in general and the subjectivity of individual tastes in particular.

After the official part visitors had the opportunity to network, eat and drink. Around 200 guests attended this year's meeting.We got along well with HELGA and are looking forward to hosting her again next year.


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