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A few weeks ago we launched our new website. Meanwhile, as announced, we are working on the next release, the Project Workspace. Imagine a digital workroom for teams working on a collaborative project on the Fluxdock platform.

For each new project, a project workspace will automatically be generated. All team members involved in the project will have access. Within this workspace, the entire project is structured, organized and documented. The workspace makes it possible to apply agile process management methods without prior knowledge and bundles all data and tools relevant to a project in one place.

Our goal is to enable all interested entrepreneurs to try out new processes, outsource innovative projects and give employees the opportunity to explore new forms of collaboration in an intuitive infrastructure without the need for a complex process management infrastructure.

The release of the beta version of our Project Workspace is scheduled for the beginning of August 2018. One or two feedback loops later, it will be available to all users working on a project on our platform. We are looking forward to the release and to your feedback.

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