...and the winners are...

we gave away 2 Cartes Blanches

...and the winners are...

Thanks to our partnership with Engagement Migros we were able to give away two support packages worth 10k each. Interesting proposals were published, and the decision which two to grant a Carte Blanche wasn't easy. Finally we decided for a temporary design studio and a prototype which translates sensory perceptions. 

With "STUDIO CLASH PROLONGED", a temporary design studio is being set up for one month. 12 migrants and asylum seekers with a proven professional background in the creative industries will work together with professionals from the local creative industries. The project in the Fluxdock framework will revolve around finding a permanent representation and organization structure for Studio Clash. The result of their project will be a long-term operational model and an implementation plan for 2019.

"LIGHTSCORES" is a portable, mobile sensor system that simultaneously translates motion to music, thereby connecting sight, hearing and body sense. The winner of our second Carte Blanche will evaluate and test further application areas of their already existing prototypes and develop a catalog of measures to optimize the existing software and hardware.

As the Fluxdock framework aims to help set up and implement innovative projects from all backgrounds, we are very happy with this interesting mix of social design, inclusive prototyping and ressource manegement.

We are looking forward to working with you and wish all projects happy collaborating.